Are you interested in increasing your property’s value but also worried that it’ll cost too much? Well, there’s good news – we’ve got some tried-and-true methods from that are sure to make your home feel more luxurious while staying surprisingly cost-effective. Prepare to be amazed!

Wine CellarAdd a Wine Room

There’s no doubt about the fact that wine conveys a certain sense of class, worldliness and luxury – and a wine cellar or wine room, even more so. Give yourself and your guests the sense they’ve wandered onto a Napa Valley ranch or a Tuscan villa with this improvement.

Find a room in your home – it does not have to be a cellar – where you can fit an artful collection of wine racks and shelves. The display aspect here is almost as important as the wine itself! Make this a social space by adding a high table or two to encourage people to stand and taste the various vintages together. With some new shelves, a sampling surface, and a few choice bottles of wine, this space can make you feel like you’re in the middle of Italy’s wine country – all for as little as $200.

Add Smart Tech

Adding some simple smart technology components around your home can increase your overall value by as much as 5 percent. Everything from your thermostat to your garage door can be controlled using these applications – giving your home a luxurious and tech-savvy feel.

Smart tech can also make your home more secure, with intercom and video feeds showing you who is at the door without actually having to open the door. You can also install devices that can control your lights or blinds when you’re not home, allowing you give the appearance of someone being there even when you’re not. These solutions are often relatively cheap, too – for example, a WiFi video link to your front door can cost as little as $100.

Add Patio Alterations

Backyards have become a showroom of luxurious living. That’s why well-furnished patio spaces are a great option for anyone trying to increase the actual and perceived value of their home. And the possibilities out there are endless.

Go big with a full outdoor kitchen area, complete with grill, sink, cupboard space, and food preparation areas. Or, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, splurge on the doors that lead out to the patio instead. It’s all about perception, and the light offered by whimsical French doors can really brighten up a home, as well.

Add New Floors

Arguably one of the more expensive potential renovations you can make, sprucing up your floors is definitely one of the most dramatic ways to change the entire look of a property. If you’re looking to add real value, this might be the best place to spend your money.

Changing up the floors can increase your home’s value as much as 5 percent, and new high-tech flooring options have the potential to be a real selling point for prospective buyers. For example, heated bathroom floors can be a little pricy, but they’re also seen as very high-value and extremely lavish – not to mention desirable in the cooler winter months!

There are lots of different ways to update the look of your home that will also add value to it. Do your research on pricing and make improvements that you will genuinely enjoy – not just that you think buyers will want to see. After all, this is your home we’re talking about. And as we’ve seen here, quality doesn’t have to mean a steep price tag.

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